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Meet Sabrina Joy

Natural Health Specialist

Sabrina is a certified Aromatherapist, Yoga Teacher, Meditation Coach, and Integrative Nutrition Coach. She is also the host of the popular sustainable wellness podcast Stylish and Sustainable.


Through private stress reduction and health coaching programs Sabrina takes individuals from “sort of healthy”, stressed, exhausted and time-poor to a life and lifestyle in which self-care is a habit, eating whole foods is a necessity and soaking up the joy in what you have and what you do is a daily occurrence. Losing weight, working out, sleeping better, and managing stress become side effects of big picture mindset shifts based in self-compassion and sustainable action!


If you’re ready to lose weight, manage stress or anxiety, and lean into joy, book a free health consultation with Sabrina. 


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Why Health Coaching?

It can help with ...

Stress and Anxiety Management

This is Sabrina's true area of expertise! As a meditation instructor and yoga teacher Sabrina guides clients in establishing daily habits to manage and reduce stress and anxiety through movement, meditation, and anti-inflammatory foods. She also creates custom blended aromatherapy products for anxiety and stress management.

Women's Health

Hormone production and functionality in our bodies are strongly affected by our diet and lifestyle. Sabrina helps clients to reflect on how their diet and lifestyle affect their hormonal balance and make adjustments accordingly. Whether it's environmental endocrine disruptors, estrogenic foods, or an overly stressful lifestyle, Sabrina guides clients out of hormonal imbalance and into blissful, hormonal balance. This can lead to lessened symptoms of PMS, acne, and many other manifestations of hormonal imbalance. 


With all the processed foods, stress and sedentary lifestyles that are key elements of our modern world many people suffer from digestive issues. This may manifest itself in bloating, chronic discomfort, poor elimination and brain fog. Sabrina guides her clients in healing their gut, understanding their sensitivities and creating a diet and lifestyle that provides support for their unique digestive systems. 


Whether it's the 3 pm blues, exhaustion caused by an inability to sleep or adrenal fatigue, Sabrina specializes in natural ways to combat fatigue. She guides clients in addressing the root causes of fatigue in their life and supports them in making lifestyle and dietary changes that allow them to feel radiant and revitalized every day, all day.

Weight Loss

Sabrina's unique approach to whole-body healing allows clients to deconstruct patterns of self-sabotage, understand the root of their cravings, and establish lifelong healthy habits. Her innovative strategy is simple in concept; address the whole person. This is the key to sustainable weight loss. This unique approach yields clients lifelong results.

As a certified aromatherapist and clean beauty advocate, Sabrina specializes in guiding clients in proper skin care and helps people to deconstruct how their diet and lifestyle are affecting their skin health. 

Skin Health


"Sabrina is an amazing coach! I learned so much about myself I couldn't believe it, strengths and weaknesses that I wasn't even aware of, wants and needs that I didn't recognize, personality traits that other people saw in me that I didn't see. Sabrina helps you get down to the root of your problems, your bad habits, and your way of thinking. She has an abundance of information to give about nutrition, psychology, the human body and more. I learned plenty of easy and delicious recipes that I still use, and she recommended books that I not only enjoyed but learned a lot from. I came away from our sessions with the tools to help me accomplish my goals and get the things I want in life. I am very happy with the results! :) "

— Zack B